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From September 1st 2009 all matt incandescent & halogen lightbulbs will be banned in European Union as well as the 100W+ clear lightbulbs. September 1st 2012 all incandescent lightbulbs will be banned completely and the plans are to ban all halogen lightbulbs on september 1st 2016.

We find this not acceptable for many reasons. Send your support (an email with your name and place) to: or sign under 'Action' (up-left on this site) 'signeer onze petitie' to "spaar the gloeilamp" (save the bulb).

We, as 'Human Lights Watch' are trying to stop this regulation. At the end of 2009, the European Union will discuss the 2nd fase, banning all directional lamps as well. It is of great importance that the EU comes to mind to stop this rediculous rules to ban all types of the most natural of artificial lighting.

By incandescent lightbulbs, we include halogen lightbulbs as we speak. All other lightsources other than those and daylight we consider sythetic lighting.

QUALITY OF LIGHT. Incandescent light is the only to have a color rendering index of 100 (CRI). This enhances the wellbeing of people, they see there environment natural (like clothes, art, living spaces, skin, pets, etc). The colour rendering of tungsten lightbulbs has the most natural lighting behavour, just like the sun. We lose our best light.

HEALTH. The replacement by CFL's: compact fluorescent lightbulbs is a complete mistake, whatever they say. CFL's are poisonous chemical factories. The UV-radiation and electro-magnetic radiation make some people actually sick. The quality of the light remains poor, whatever synthetic colour they know to achieve. Fluorescents are meanth to work together with daylight as well as CFL's do. In the private environment in the evening after dark they are indispensible for wellness and traquility.

CFL's iradiate more blue light rays. This blue light causes you to be more active. It reduces the making of melatonine. Your biological rhythm will be disturbed. CFL's cause a lot of people to have sleeping disorders.

ENVIRONMENT. CFL's contain some poisonous mercury. Incandescent lightbulbs do not contain any hazardous toxic parts. CFL's will be disposed of in the environment although they have to be recycled! The Energy-label doesn't say anything about this. It costs much energy to produce CFL's as well. Incandescent bulbs have no high production costs and cause no hazard in the waste. The regulation in favor of CFL's has too little attention to this part of the case.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. We promote sustainable energy. The ban of incandescent bulb has to do with energy and the co2 emissions. This is only the case if we use non-sustainable energy sources (coals, gas etc). But if you use windpower, solarpanels, waterpower to make your energy, incandescent lightbulbs are the best choice! Sustainable energy has the future, so incandescent bulbs shouldn't be banned at all. Make non-sustainable energy very expensive so all energy-asking products will be charged equally and sustainable energy will be really supported.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Last but not least, the bann of incandescent bulbs is completely against our own will. Everybody is using more and more energy cause of using more and more electricity-using products (like coffemakers, larger TV's, computers, terrace-heaters, waterbeds, etc, etc). We have no restrictions for using electricity. You may use as many CFL's in your house as you want. You may (and will) turn on the lights all the time. But you are no longer allowed to use for example only 1 incandescent lightbulb in your house. If you will live your life trying to use as less energy as possible, but only want to use the best lighting for your house, this is not allowed. But if you use all the energy you want and use CFL's than this will be okay. Do you think this is right? The worst part is that the banning of incandescent lightbulbs is made by companies like Philips, Osram cs. They don't make enough money nomore with selling incandescent lightbulbs. If people have to buy finally the CFL's they will make a lot of money. It is not about the environment. It is all about making money.

Like to be more informed?
Many 'Articles' in the block at the right side are in English like:
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We would like to hear from you. Send everybody you know this website and tell people about the stupid eurorules. If you would like to help us with this campain, place an ad or anything that can make this campain a succes, please let us know. Thank you.

Human Lights Watch
last update Sept 4 2009.